Sunday, 10 November 2013

The 90's Tag...

I saw this post on Joelle's blog and decided I would love to do it!

Favourite Disney film?
I used to be obsessed with Disney when I was younger and had them all on VHS. My favourite film(s) were Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King.

Favourite music artist?
S Club 7, B*Witched and Spice Girls.

Favourite candy/sweets?
There used to be these Harry Potter sweets that were blue and they changed the colour of your tongue... they were sour but I loved them.

Favourite board game?
Either Mouse Trap or Operation.

Favourite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy?
When they gave out TY Beanie Babies. I was OBSESSED with them. I had over 200.

Favourite book?
Any by Jacqueline Wilson. I used to have them all and I met her twice when she did book signings.

Favourite clothing store?
MK One I think.

What would you watch when you got home from school?
Tracy Beaker, Mopatop Shop, Rugrats and Arthur!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Three Phases of a Break-up...

I am not going to beat around the bush with this: break-up's are horrible. I have gone through was after a long-term relationship and the other a short-term, however, both times I experienced that stomach churning, heart wrenching feeling.

I was recently talking to two of my friends who have both just come out of long-term relationships and they were asking for advice of how to "get over" it. The way I see it is there are three phases of a breakup...

1. Upset
This tends to be the first reaction after a break-up has happened. It's completely natural to be upset, essentially you have just lost one of the main things in your life. All of your memories with this person will suddenly come flowing into your brain like a tsunami, you will question what you could have done to have kept the relationship going and every song will remind you of them.
Allow yourself a week maximum to be upset: gorge on chocolate, cry hysterically while watching a rom-com, listen to Taylor Swift on full blast. After that week, kick your ass into gear and put the chocolate down.

Songs for the "upset" phase...

Taylor Swift - All Too Well
Describes a relationship from beginning to end perfectly. Favourite lyrics: "you call me up again, just to break me like a promise." - loads of ex's do not fall for it. And "time won't fly by, it's like I'm paralysed by it. I'd like to be my old self again but I'm still trying to find it."

 Katy Perry - Thinking of You
I am sure we have all made that mistake of going on a date straight after a break-up, thinking it will take our mind off our ex...when in fact the whole time all we are wishing was it was them in front of us.

John Mayer - Heartbreak Warfare
Everyone feels hurt after a break-up...even John Mayer.

2. Angry
After your WEEK of being upset and moping around you will start to feel angry. You feel angry because something has been taken away from you that you are used to having all of the time and you will also feel like they shouldn't have treated you the way that they did. It's around this time that you will want to possibly reach out to talk to them and I absolutely advise against doing this. In fact, this is the time when you delete them off Facebook, delete their number and get their emails automatically deleted (yes, there's a setting for that, no excuse). You aren't being mean. The only way you can really "get over" someone is through cutting complete contact. They will try and contact you without a doubt, you will probably get a text saying: "I noticed you deleted me off FB" not respond. If you stay in contact you will just keep going around in me, I experienced it. Instead, whenever you are feeling angry, either text or email a friend or write down what you are feeling. It helps loads.

Songs for the "angry" phase... 

Beyonce - Why Don't You Love Me?
Queen B basically tells her man he is a fool for not seeing how amazing she is! And you are amazing as well so listen to this on full blast. It's a great song for an ego boost.

Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know
This song is so feisty and it is perfect for just after a break-up. I first heard it when Beyonce covered it on her tour. Listen to it on repeat.

Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble
Sometimes you know they're trouble but you choose to ignore it...

3. Over It
You've reached the finish line that you never thought you would get to and you no longer think about your ex a million times a day...hurrah!

Songs for "over it" 

Beyonce - Best Thing I Never Had
The person let you go, you got over it, now they want you back but you realise you are so much better off without them.

Every Time You Lie - Demi Lovato
Your ex expects you to be breaking but it is finito! You are now happy and in a good place.

Some final tips
Stay busy: take up a new hobby, go out with friends etc.
Focus on the positive: think of everything you have learned from past relationships and how you can use those lessons to steer away from the same problems happening in the future..."everyone is either a blessing or a lesson."
Cut contact: I mean this. If you don't cut contact you will just hurt yourself more and you will only have yourself to blame.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

What Did Sushi A Say to Sushi B? "Wassap, B?"

You may have already guessed from the title that this post is about our Sushi Palette iPhone case designed by Lily X.

As a lover of sushi this is the perfect iPhone case for me and I have never seen anything similar to it before,  I love the colours and design of the case.

This phone case is made using Sorona EP, which is an eco-friendly material. The case is available for iPhone 4, 4s and 5. You can find it on

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Life Lately!

I have been so busy the past few weeks that I haven't had time to blog...

Work: I have been working a lot and I set up both a Twitter and Facebook page for the store which has been going well.

Bora Aksu: I will be contributing to Bora Aksu's social media pages on more of a regular basis instead of just during fashion week which I am excited about.

Iconemesis: I will be contributing to the Iconemesis social media pages over the next couple of weeks too. They sell fabulous phone cases for iPhone 4, 4s and 5.

This weekend: I am having a spa weekend which I am looking forward to as I have never had one before. Expect a blog post about that sometime next week.


Friday, 14 June 2013

Benefit Brow Bar Experience

Last week I attended a Benefit Cosmetics event at Debenhams. We were shown how to do the perfect make-up look for summer, told about the latest Benefit products such as "Fake-Up" and got to have a browse around the counter. The Benefit girls were so much fun and very kindly gave each of us bloggers an appointment for a *free (normally £18) eyebrow wax and tint at the Benefit Brow Bar. The Brow Bar has only just opened here so I was really excited about trying it out. Normally I am pretty over-protective about getting my eyebrows done (I like them bold not thin) but checking out the Benefit girl's eyebrows, I had nothing to worry about!

I had my eyebrow appointment today and I am delighted with the outcome. First of all my eyebrow measurements were done and then I was told the shape they would be and what areas would be getting waxed. Because I have blonde highlights I went for natural brown colour for my eyebrow tint. The tint was left on for one minute and then I got to look in the mirror and decided if it was dark enough. I decided to have more put on and left for another minute...this time the colour was perfect! The waxing was then done (middle, top, bottom and the sides) and I was left with the perfect arch. A soothing moisturiser was applied to the area and then Boi-ing concealer in 1. was used to cover up the redness. The final step was having my brows filled in with the Browzing's kit in light-medium (a product which I already love).

This is how my eyebrows look now after having them waxed and tinted and I am really happy. I will definitely be going back next time they need done.

Have you tried the Benefit Brow Bar?

*Tint and wax was a gift given at the Benefit event

Monday, 27 May 2013

Positive Words #3

Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
Wu Tang Clan 

Monday, 20 May 2013

REN Satin Perfection BB Cream

I have always been quite dubious when it comes to BB creams. Last year every brand seemed to be launching a BB cream that would be "much better" than any other. I tried L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream which I was very disappointed with - although it adjusts to skin tone, I didn't notice any coverage at all. And I also tried Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream which was too orange.

However, my opinion on BB cream has recently been changed thanks to this little gem...

I introduce to you...REN Satin Perfection BB cream. They have every right to have the word "perfection" in the product name because that is exactly what it is.
I received this sample at a PURE Spa event and I was eager to try it and so far I have not been disappointed.

REN's Satin Perfection BB Cream is new on the market but I think it will definitely become one of their best selling products.

Their description of the product is:

"A silicone free BB Cream that leaves the skin looking flawless, even toned and luminous with a perfect non oily, satin finish. This true multi-function cream provides flawless coverage that banishes imperfections, gives SPF and anti-oxidant protection while photo-rejuvenation technology  offers a toning, firming, anti-aging effect.

* Skin looks satin smooth, matte and flawless
* Corrects imperfections
*Protects against UV damage
*Revitalizes and boosts radiance 
* Skin looks firmer and more toned "

When I squeezed the cream out of the bottle I was a bit apprehensive as the colour was quite orange compared to my skin-tone. However, I needn't have worried as once it is blended into the face the product adjusts to match the shade of your skin. A small amount of the product goes a long way. To me, it feels like more of a gel than a cream but there is nothing wrong with that.

I took this photo after the BB Cream had been blended in and I was very impressed (excuse this dressing gown...) I normally only wear concealer but not even that was needed. On first impressions I noticed that the cream had a nice glowing effect on my skin - not too dewy but also not too matte. My skin looked really healthy. But the real test was yet to come. I chose to wear the cream for the first time on a day that I was working. Working in Starbucks means that I get coffee all over me, covered in water and occasionally caramel drizzle decides to explode on me too so I was interested to see how the product would last throughout the day.

This photo was taken after work, post caramel drizzle explosion, and I was amazed at how good my skin still looked. Quite often at the end of the day my t-zone will be shiny but it wasn't. I hadn't needed to reapply any of the BB Cream throughout the day and it still looked relatively matte and glowing. 

It is official. I have been converted to BB Cream thanks to REN and their wonderful product. 

I definitely recommend it and although I would never normally pay £26 for cosmetics, I will be buying some more when my sample finishes. 

Will you be trying this product?

REN Satin Perfection BB Cream - £26 -
REN Twitter: @RENskincare